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We do off-road and dirt racing, for competition, for fun and for a great family sport. We also put on events of every kind in the open desert. Events like: Mountain Bike races/trials, Drone Competitions, Power Tours, Iron Cross Country events, Equine Pony Express Gran Prixs, even outdoor Raw Music Festivals. 


We encourage others to come to our events and our functions because they are fun and a perfect way to meet others who love the sport as much as we do.


We are also cognizant of the pitfalls we all face with the push by overzealous environmental groups whose only purpose is to close our deserts and keep us out.

As a result, everything we do takes into consideration leaving as little impact to our deserts as possible. We use existing "unmaintained" roads, trails, easements and grandfathered tracks, used for the past thirty or forty years so that no new or virgin terrain is impacted.

Moreover, we make sure that all those who participate with us stay on the "marked" courses, so that we continue to comply with our efforts. We use new-age technology, such as GPS Tracking systems, to make sure we know where we can go and where we have been and to keep everyone on the marked courses.


We are delighted that the city of California City welcomes all OHVers with open arms, as long as everyone abides by the very simple and fair rules and regulations they have. We support all their efforts.


Be sure to purchase your California City OHV License if you plan to ride within the city limits of the desert. You will be helping those who help the off-road and dirt-riding community. The $15.00 per. vehicle is money well spent! And of course, be sure that the vehicle(s) you bring, also have the current California "Green Sticker."


Thank you.


AVE/BP Racing

Lou Peralta

P.O. Box 2141

California City, CA 93504


661.524.1550 - fax 877.842.3052

Lois Peralta

P.O. Box 2141

California City, CA 93504


661.524.1554 - fax 877.842.3052

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