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What's in store for you is not for the weak-hearted!

Racing Off-Road & Other FUN, FUN things... 

In addition to promoting the PURE HI-DEZ Off-Road Dezert Series, in 2021 we are adding:


   The "POWER TOUR" Series. Three dates in 2021, will take participants on fabulous catered "tours" of our grand desert. Each "Power Tour" will consist of pre-determined locations to maximize the enjoyment of the participant.

We require that the vehicles you bring to the tour are "off-road" worthy and have a fuel distance of at least 100 miles, with the capabilities of safely carrying extra fuel. We also ask that each vehicle maintain an average speed of 25 mph, 

   The "tours" we have planned for the rest of the year are from 100 miles in distance to 280+ miles. All "tours" are catered and in some cases where the “tours” consist of multiple days; hotel rooms are included.

   In some cases the activities begin on Friday with a welcome party, take off early Saturday morning, and a nice reception upon returning the same day. Participants are welcome to park at the Bar-B Ranch for the weekend with no extra charge.



   We are also offering the PURE OHV "DURO" Series. These are non-racing events, but    competitive, nonetheless. “Duro” is short for Enduro and as such, participants will be given a GPS course to follow. They must maintain a certain speed average and arrive at each “secret” checkpoint at the exact time, otherwise the racer loses points. As an example, if you arrive early, the racer loses 2 points for every minute he/she is early. On the other hand, if the participant arrives late to a checkpoint, he or she loses just 1 point for every minute late.

   It is an event that requires the Driver’s skill as well as the Navigator’s talent to direct the driver to the correct course.

   At the end of the event, winners will be declared. The one with the least amount of points lost is the Overall and Class winner.

   One thing is important to know, none of the racers will know the course until just before the event. There will be NO PRE-RUNNING. Everyone starts at the same level.

   What makes this event fun is that people who have an off-road vehicle or a vehicle like an SUV or 4WD Truck can compete, in addition to all other classes of off-road vehicles. Each has their own class in which to compete. The vehicles must be all-terrain type of vehicles and must have a range of at least 100 miles and be able to safely carry additional fuel.

  Many who don’t have their vehicle set up for high-powered and very expensive off-road races, can have as much fun participating in our “PURE OHV ‘DURO’” Series.




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