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FUTVI Membership - 2020 - 2021 - For UTVs only!




We are bringing a new aspect to the sport of off-road for all types of4four-wheel vehicles. Enduro (now “DURO”) has been part of the sport for a long time using mostly motorcycles, ATVs, and Rally Cars.

With this Series we are bringing all classes of off-road vehicles, including street-legal SUVs and Trucks, buggies, motorcycles, ATVs and UTVs, plus spec rails and dune buggies and of course, Baja Bugs, to participate in one of the most fun aspects of the sport.

You do not have to be the fastest or have the absolute best equipment to wind up atop of the podium. In fact, being too fast may knock you down off the standings.

On the contrary, you must have excellent driving skills and very good navigation skills to do well. It is a real challenge!

That is because our “Duro” series is GPS based. Meaning that you will not find course markers, flaggings, arrows, etc. on the course, but every detail of the course will be in the GPS file we will provide all entrants.


Also, there is NO Pre-Running. That means that when you first take off at the Start line that will be the first time you will see the course on your GPS and in front of you. But what makes these events even more fun, is the fact that it is going to call on your driving skills and the navigating skills of you or your "Navigator." Both will have to work in concert to achieve maximum points.


The way it works, we will tell you what speed to average between secret checkpoints. Times will count down to the 100th of a second. REMEMBER: This is not a "speed" event. On the contrary, this is an event to arrive at each checkpoint, while averaging a certain speed and time to get there. Normally, we will have three or four official secret checkpoints in an event.

Moreover, for every second you arrive “late” to a checkpoint, 1 point will be deducted from your score. Conversely, for every second you arrive “early” 2 points will be deducted from your score.

As we said this is NOT a race, but an event that will require your utmost concentration to average the pre-scribed speeds and times between checkpoints and the Finish. Not an easy task.


Now for the fun part. You can bring as many as two other people with you in the vehicle if you have four-seats. They must sign the proper documents to participate. The entire team gets scored once. But this way, your significant other and/or you children or friends will have the opportunity to participate in a terrific off-road event while enjoying our beautiful HI-DESERTS.


We know you will enjoy this type of event where you really don’t have to worry about your equipment as much as how you drive and navigate.

Having said that, your vehicle must be off-road ready to negotiate the tough roads, challenging trails and easements that are part of the event. Make sure your vehicle is prepared for a long, hard, but exciting ride!


Good luck!



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