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Information about the upcoming PURE 300 & PURE 60



1. Please, everyone who comes with you must have a mask and possibly safety gloves.

2. You are asked to whenever you are next to someone, please maintain the 6-foot "social ditance." This includes other racers who might be in your area, staff and official that you may need to see, and even your own family members.

3. It;s important that we all do the best we can under the circumstances.

4. When checking in under the "Registration Tent" we will provide a buffer zone where you can conduct business with officials but at a safe distance, even when you need to sign documents.

5. All officials will have masks on and safety gloves when procesing entries at the race sight.

6. We hope that most of you can sign up early and conduct all the pre-event registration, signing of documents and other, before you come to the race, so that all you will need is jsut to pick up your racing "wrist bands" and documents, without too much interaction with others.

7. We are attempting to have a "virtual" or "remote" Driver's and Navigator's Meeting" using ZOOM to communicate with others. We hope to have this available at 9 a.m., the morning of the race, to conduct business. We hope most of you bring your laptops or cell phones ready to participate. However, we will also have the "Final Instructions" printed for each of you to take.




We are all excited about this next event. It's going to be terrific because we are using an almost new course that we have not used in several years, and we are also including the YOUTH UTV Classes, with their own 5-mile course!

Firstly, the PURE “300” is a 5-hour race over an incredible 40.1-mile racecourse, laid out on the Eastern part of our County desert. It has elevation changes from 2100 feet and up to 4800 feet. It also drops into several washes that are going to be fun to run. Recent rain will make this event a classic one.

Pre-running is only available on Friday, April 17, from 12 Noon until 5 p.m. And it is only available to those who have already signed up and paid in full.

We will be sending the Google Earth GPS file of the course, along with the link as to where to convert that file to your GPS needs. This will be done by Thursday, April 16, at 7 p.m. not earlier.

Note if you are traveling a long distance and it appears that you will be on the road the day we are sending the GPS files, please contact us to make arrangements.

The race is a 5-hour race, so you need to make as many laps during that time period. At exactly 5 hours from the start of the race (10 a.m.), or at 3 p.m., the checkered flag will come out and the race is over.

Those who are still on the course after the checkered flag comes out, are allowed to complete the lap they are on and it will be counted. The racer with the most laps in the shortest time after the 5 hours is declared the “un-official” Overall and Class winner.

Remember, we still have to check all the trackers issued to every racer to make sure each racer stayed on the actual course. Penalties may be levied before the results become “official.” That process usually takes from two to five days to complete, unless there are problems with the results.

This is a good time to remind everyone that upon entering the scoring chute and then on to the main pits, the SPEED LIMIT IS 25 MPH. It stays that way throughout the pits, and you can only resume race speed after you’ve gone by the sign that tells you to do so. Any excessive speeds in the speed zone will be penalized.

Also, a good reminder: The “Tracker” that we issue you before the start of the race, must be returned immediately after you cross the finish line. We usually have an official or two gathering the “trackers.” However, some racers decide to go directly to their pits without stopping at the compound area and we need to chase you. That’s not going to happen. We will penalize you a time on your overall time and may disqualify you.

Also as important. If you break during the race and you are terribly upset, as many would be, you still have the responsibility to get your tracker back to us ASAP!!!

We don’t need to be calling you on the highway as you drive away from the ranch or try to get in touch with you during your working hours. If we have to, that, too, will cost penalty and dollars.

Remember, losing a tracker during the race or after, will now cost you $275.00!

Secondly, let’s talk about the YOUTH UTV Classes and course. We have laid out a terrific 5.3-mile course for the UTV 170 & 250 Classes. It is all nearby the pit and can be easily seen by most. Chase, parent, guardians, etc., will be allowed to be on the course to help if needed. However, no one can interfere with the race or be on the racecourse itself. If you need to access your kid or grandkid or that hot shoe that broke down, you first must obtain permission to do so. You can only get this from the Race Director or the Medical Director who will be on the course. No exceptions.

The red course as shown on our map is for the YOUTH UTV race, which will start at 4 p.m. and it is a 1-hour race for Classes 170 & 250. Once again, each racer is asked to try to make as many laps during the 1-hour race. At the end all laps will be counted and awarded accordingly. Each racer will be scored separately by Class, also for the Overall spot.

Parking: Everyone who is participating in our events gets FREE parking for the entire weekend. Additional vehicles connected with a race team pay $10 per day.


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