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INFORMATION REGARDING THEPURE UTV "150" - Race #5 and Triple #2 coming...

Read carefully...


INFORMATION – PURE UTV “150” – RACE #5 & Triple #2


Welcome to our fifth event of the PURE UTV OFF-ROAD DESERT SERIES and the second event in the Series-within-a-Series, the Triple Crown of the Dezert #2.

This June event is a “TWILITE” race meaning that it will start at 6 p.m. and probably complete by 10 p.m. or a BIT LATER.

Regardless, we will be cheering for all.



Since our start is at 6 p.m. that means that you should be able to get at least TWO LAPS IN DAYLIGHT and the last two possibly in the dark.

  1. We have a 38.2-mile course. It may be a bit longer but that is what our preliminary measurements tell us. However, there may be a few minor changes once we have gone through the “final” course markings. We do not expect it.
  2. Race mileage signs will be every two miles starting with RM2
  3. Be sure you have a GPS and a radio (either mobile or handheld) tuned to 151.625 MHz (The Weatherman channel)
  4. As stated, this is a four (4)-lap race, 38.2 each.
  5. Officially, once the first racer crosses the start/finish line after completing its fourth lap, the checkered flag will be given to that team and to every one thereafter, even if you have not completed all four laps. It’s our experience that very seldom, if ever, has anyone gained a spot in the Overall or Class if he/she had been allowed to complete the required laps.
  6. Therefore, the race will start at exactly 6 p.m. with one vehicle leaving in 30-second intervals. If a vehicle does not show up in time to start at its designated time, that vehicle is sent to the back of the line but his/her time will start when it was drawn, regardless. Be on time or be square!
  7. We will draw for starting position this time on Saturday (race day-June 23) at Noon!
  8. THE COURSE: We are rating this course a 5.6 in difficulty – 10 = Like a Freeway. Unlike the last course, it is pretty much on the flat, silty ground, with lots of whoops and several soft washes. Of course, the start/finish is out of the Alta Vista Ranch, which is always a bit rough, with lots of rocks and hills. Tough but for only for a bit. It is what it is.

9.PRE-RUN & RACE WEEKEND - Here is the schedule for race weekend and the weekend before:

  1. Early Pre-run of the racecourse is open on Friday, June 15 through June 17 – but at no other time
  2. GPS files of the course will be sent out the Thursday before pre-run opens and it will be sent ONLY to those who have entered the event.
  3. Pre-run for the PURE 150 will again open Friday, June 22 from Noon until 6 p.m. and again of Saturday, June 23, from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. ABSOLUTELY NO PRE-RUNNING AFTER 11 A.M. ON RACE DAY.
  4. REGISTRATION/TECH & LATE SIGNUP opens Saturday at Noon! – That’s Saturday at Noon. Late entries must pay an additional $100.00 so sign up no later than Friday, June 23, 2018 by 6 p.m. and not a minute later!!!
  5. Awards for the PURE #4 & Triple #1 will be handed out at 10:30 a.m. Saturday morning
  6. MANDATORY DRIVER’S/NAVIGATOR’S MEETING will take place at 11 a.m. or before if the awards finish early. ROLL CALL; WILL BE TAKEN. Failure to attend will cost the team at 5-minute penalty!!! Driver and/or Navigator must be present.
  7. Because of the size of the racecourse (38.2 mi), we do not assign an alternate pit for refueling. However, if you wish to send a “chase” vehicle to keep an eye of your vehicle you can send it to Race Mile (RM 6 & 19 approx.), at an old ranch. Park away from where the courses meet. Please park in a safe location and away from the course.
  8. Official time to complete the 150-mile race is 5 hours. Meaning that if no one has completed all four laps in five hours or less, the checkered flag comes out 5:00:01 hrs after the start when everyone is done. I don’t think that will happen but we have to explain it, nonetheless.
  1. PROCEDURE FOR ISSUING “TRACKERS” – We will NOT turn the tracker on for you at the time you pay and pick up your racing tracker. Instead, you will have the “tracker” with you when you stage and are in line. A staff member will stop at each car and watch you turn it on to make sure it is working. The reason for doing this is the garbage we have to go through as we clean up your tracker before checking your actual laps. It shows everywhere you go if we turn it on early. It just takes us longer to go through each tracker.
  2. You should know that we are looking to next year to use a different type of tracker, which will report, and record “live” so that your pits, your families, and friends can watch as the race is taking place. We are negotiating a very reasonable cost that will be affordable to everyone. Stay tuned for more information.
  3. Those of you who are racing and are bringing a chase crew can park FREE during the weekend. You are limited to three (3) vehicles in your pits. Additional vehicles within your pits are charged $10.00 per day, paid in advance. Please see Estafani or Rebecca at registration to get your pass.
  4. Anyone with you who either photographs or videos the race and you are welcomed to send us the finished product so that we can feature it on our website and give proper credit. Just let us know.


Good luck everyone. Have a great time and let’s all be safe.



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