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read and retain. You might be tested. This is the first of several pieces we may post before the event...



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Semi-final instructions – Final at driver’s Meeting




Ok. We went out Saturday, Jan 6, and went around the course. We found quite a few of our flagging had been taken down or moved. This is done by people who really want to screw up things. Fortunately, we only place markings sparingly as most of you know that you and your Navigator must work in concert to negotiate the course.

It’s important that you pre-run at least once before the event.


Next, pre-run date is Friday, January 12, 2018 starting at 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. If you would like to come on Thursday night and be ready for an early start, you are more than welcome. No charge, Lois says…But there is no pre-running until then. Please abide by the rules so we can protect our desert and continue to use it.


The attached course (FINAL) is 99.6 basically the same. We have “tweaked” it in a few places but you should not have problems. Where we have “tweaked” it, we have put flagging to help you see the change. We have also place Mileage-markers every 5 miles along the 75-mile-plus course.


I’m rating this course as a 6.7 (10 being a freeway/1 is practically impassible). That means that there are sections you’ll be tapped out, so be careful for open traffic on Saturday, on our open desert, in California City. Also note that there a few “gotchas” that can hurt. Be alert and be cognizant of what’s around you.

Our medics and course officials will be roaming around if you need help.


A few specific things we want to share with you:


  1. Radio communications during the race is the Weatherman channel or 151.625 MHz frequency. Please use this frequency only to report a problem on the course. Otherwise, please use your own frequency to chat with your crew.
  2. Our relay guru will be able to reach all the way to Hwy 395 so we will have most of the course covered.
  3. If for some reason you cannot be heard or you can’t communicate with us, use your cell (most carriers work out here) and call us at 661.524.1550 / 1554.
  4. If you have problems or see problems please stay with your vehicle and/or use your GPS to provide exact location where there may be some problems.
  5. You are not alone in the desert so please, please be careful at all times of cross traffic, people wandering in the desert and such.
  6. Speed inside the pits (horseshoe) remains at 25 mph. The moment you enter the pits and you see the yellow flags, you must stay at 25 mph. Once you see “resume speed” you are back on the race mode.
  7. There are two spots where the BLM has corners that they say are BLM lands and we must obtain a permit if we wish to run on their property. Not this time.
  8. We have made it so that you must slow down to 25 mph, while we pass through these imaginary boundaries (corners) in two spots on the course. These are listed on your P-150 course file. I know it sounds ridiculous but we must comply. The imaginary corner is probably no more than 5 feet but we will make sure we go through there at slow speeds for at least 20 feet. It is a “TRAVEL STAGE.”
  9. Most of you will probably need to refuel at least once AT A REMOTE LOCATION during each lap. We have set the ONLY REFUELING STOP ON THIS COURSE at Race Miles 30.4 & 44.8 (approx.).  DO NOT REFUEL ANYWHERE ELSE! The course going East comes close to the course heading West at an old ranch. We have used this area before and it is easily accessible via “Sequoia Blvd” from the highway (Cal City Blvd to Hwy 58, approximately 12 miles in.) Easy access but please be careful with race traffic when you get there and when you are going in as the course intersects Sequoia Blvd. several times. We will remark all this next week.
  10. The race is 150 miles or two-75-mi-+ laps.
  11. FRIDAY NIGHT: Starting order will be drawn among registered racers on Friday, January 12 at approximately 9:15 pm and the listing will be posted at Registration/Check-in.
  12. Registration & Tech open at 6 pm until 9 pm on Friday.
  13. Entries received after 9 pm on Friday will be charged an extra $100.00 to the regular fee.
  14. Tech inspection after 9 pm on Friday will be charged an extra $50.00.
  15. Be smart don’t pay the extra fee. Take care of things early.
  16. SATURDAY MORNING: We open Late Registration & Tech at 7 a.m. TO 9 a.m.
  17. SATURDAY MORNING: Issuing “Transponders” will begin at 8:30 a.m. – The fee for this year is $30. Only one “transponder” per race vehicle. The “transponder” must stay in the car at all times once you have picked it up and must be turned over when you cross the finish. We usually have people at the finish picking it up.
  18. However, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to return the “transponder:” back to us. This is whether you have finished the race or not or you have broken down.
  19. Failure to return the transponder in a timely manner will cost you $300.00
  20. Mandatory racers meeting: 9 a.m. sharp! Everyone must attend! We will take “Roll-Call” and if you are not there you will be penalized.
  21. We start the racers on 30-second intervals. You must be “staged” at least 10 minutes before the start of the race.
  22. RACE START IS 10 A.M. SHARP! (We had announced the start it one hour earlier, but we have changed that. Pass it on. THE RACE STARTS AT 10 A.M. SHARP!
  23. Racers and their crews are welcome to stay overnight during the weekend of the race at No charge.
  24. Spectators and Others will be charged $10.00 per day, per car.
  25. In your entry packet, you will receive these instructions plus our 2018 schedule on a handy card and each entry receives a free event T-shirt.
  26. T-shirts for this event are limited and they go for $20.00 each. Buy 2 for $30.00. -- 10 or more T-shirts?…see me; I have some lots to sell you. Hahaha!
  27. After the last car crosses the finish line or is accounted, we will then begin to set up for the 2017 Year-End Awards Presentation. Stick around and enjoy the festivities with us. You will have fun. We anticipate this to take place around 5 p.m.
  28. We will also be awarding the PURE 150 #1 Awards after the race, barring anyone stepping on our electrical cord and shutting down the computer, we should have the unofficial results for the race.
  29. We will have a few munchies and Lou’s famous “Margo-Baby” for those of age and good disposition.


We look forward to seeing many of you, Saturday, January 13, 2018.


Lois and Lou Peralta



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