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Information about the Pure 250 - Race #7 - Final - Champions will be crowned.

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OCTOBER 16, 2017 -






This is the final event of the PURE UTV OFF-ROAD DESERT SERIES and as such we want to thank everyone for having taken part in this great Series.


The FINAL event is a special one for us, as we have really worked hard to provide a great course, with challenges, fun, and safety. We especially want to concentrate on making the event safe for everyone.

As such we are establishing a few directives:

  • Some have called our course for this event, a “spaghetti run” because we have a 41.6-mile racecourse inside a radius of about 5-miles in distance. Once you sign up you will see what we mean.
  • However, we are putting extra measures not only in the way we will mark the course, but the information we are including in our GPS files, for you to look and study and remember. In other words, we want to make sure you stay on the course at all times.
  • To further emphasize, we will have large “W” signs that mean “WRONG WAY”
  • We will place “yellow caution” tape at certain turns to make sure you do not miss the turn and wind up on the other course.



1. The course is 41.6 miles. If you compute that distance for 6 laps we will wind up with a 249.6-mile race. Close enough.

2. Six hours is the maximum time to complete all six laps.

3. When the first vehicle completes all six laps, it will be given the Checkered flag and everyone thereafter will also receive the Checkered flag, no matter how many laps you may have completed.

4. We estimate lap times around 47 minutes. Why?

5. Because the course is on the fast side, although for the first 8 miles you will want to call me a liar and want to strap me to the back of the rear cage. It has a few rough spots and tight stuff and rocks, but after that, you are ready to fly.

6. We plan on placing mileage signs every two miles. Your co-driver/navigator should always be aware of your location.

7. Speaking of the “Navigator…he will be the most important person in the team for this race. He/she can cost you time or save your behind, by the way, he/she Navigates. There are many spots on the course where you will see two, three and even four trails that you can take. But you can only take the one we have marked on the GPS. We will be watching out for mistakes.

8. We will try to flag the critical areas. Regardless, it will be up to your Navigator or you to keep you on-course or you will be penalized.

9. We have designed the course so that your crew will have easy access should you have problems. There are many access roads that will safely take your “chase” to most spots.

10. However, please do not send your crew in search for you without FIRST CLEARING IT WITH US. We will help find the quickest way to get to the car. Do not just go out wandering the desert and onto our course. By you checking with us, we can save you time.

11. We have cut down the area where you can park in our pits for this event. Portions of our available space will be used by YAMAHA and their DEMO program while our race is taking place.

a. We have a totally separate course for them that will not interfere with our event.

b. Also, if you can, you and your crew and family will have the opportunity to test drive one of their new YXZ 1000R models.

c. The problem is that they will start their Demo at 9 am until 4 pm –

d. We will try to convince them to stay open for the racers after our race is over. After all, many of you are potential customers who can race their model. We will give it our best shot.


12. PRE-RUN:

a. Pre-run for those who have signed up will start Friday, October 20 at Noon, through Sunday, Oct 22 by 5 pm.

b. Pre-run resumes Friday, October 27 from 7 am until 5 pm.

c. We will send out the GPS files on Thursday, October 19 by 5 pm for those who have entered the event


a. Entries are open now so if you send your entry in we will be able to send you the course files by Thursday, Oct 19.

b. Those pre-entered 10 days from the event receive a FREE event T-shirt.

c. REGISTRATION & TECH Friday, October 27 opens from 6 pm until 9 pm

14. DRAWING FOR STARTING POSITIONS will take place once Registration is closed on Friday. At such time we will

i. Draw for starting positions with Pro Turbo & Pro 1000 entries combined.

ii. It will be “live” on FaceBook

iii. Then we will draw for all Sportsman Classes individually.

iv. Once the starting orders are determined, we will post them outside our timing/scoring RV.

v. Anyone who signs up after 9 pm or on “race day” will start at the end of the starting order according to the time chart.


i. For this event, all entries for the Pro Turbo and Pro 1000 Classes will be combined into one Pro Purse and will be paid accordingly based on the Overall Finishing order after the race.

ii. The Pro Purse will be distributed according to the chart that you can find on our website under “Pro Purse.”

iii. We also have the YAMAHA PRO $$$1000$$$ to award to the absolute OVERALL FINISHER. Please note that I did not say “pro” Overall finisher, but just the OVERALL FINISHER

iv. Anyone can win the Overall and the YAMAHA money.


a. “LATE REGISTRATION & TECH” opens at 7 am until 8:30 am. There will be “Late Fees” charged for signing up late or having your car Tech’ed on race day. Late entry = + $100.00 – Late Tech = + $50.00.

b. TRANSPONDER ISSUING will start at 8:30 am until 9 am. Cost is $25.00 per entry.

c. MANDATORY DRIVERS MEETING – 9 am (For this event we will not award the trophies from the last race, as we will leave them for after the race. More on this below…

d. STAGING OF RACE VEHICLES – Staging starts at 9:40 am according to the list drawn the night before and the vehicles added on race day. After 9:50 am, if you are not in line and according to the spot you were supposed to start, you will go to the back of the line, but your “starting” time WILL NOT BE CHANGED!

e. We will have a live feed of the start on Facebook. Invite family and friends to watch what is going on.


a. 10 AM first car leaves the line

i. Just at the start we will allow you to take off at race speeds.

ii. Thereafter once you have entered the scoring chute and pit the speed limit is 25 mph.

b. Each vehicle leaves at 30-second intervals. If a vehicle is missing when his starting spot is to go, you will be held up until YOUR starting time comes around


a. The official finish is when the first car crosses the start/finish chute after having completed six (6) laps around the 41.6-mile course.

b. After the CHECKERED FLAG COMES OUT everyone else will also get the flag as having finished the race, even though you may not have completed all six laps.

c. Once you have finished DO NOT GO DIRECTLY TO YOUR PITS. You will be parked near the finish, where it is safe and where we can collect your Transponder and give you our finishing plates.

d. IF YOU BROKE AND ARE PISSED and you just want to go home because you have spent all this money and you were not able to complete the race…before you go, please make sure you get the TRANSPONDER BACK TO US so that it does not cost you an additional $225.00, which is what we will charge you for not returning the Transponder.


a. For this event we will award first:

i. The PURE 200 Awards from Last Month

ii. Then the PURE 250 Awards from this race

iii. Then we will have a pitcher of Margaritas to celebrate for those over 21 years-old, as a way to say thank you to all of you for being part of our series.

iv. Water for the minors. Hugh!

20. 2018 RACING promises to be a big one for us. We are working on several sponsors for 2018 that will help us assemble a sizeable Pro Purse for the end of the year. Racing will be as good as ever and I know we will have some terrific surprises for everyone.


We want to thank all our sponsors for their support and their involvement with us. We hope to bring them, all back and even more for 2018.

Racers, please thank our Sponsors individually, for the support they have given everyone.


Here they are…











Thank you again.


Lois and Lou Peralta & Staff

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