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This is one of our most awesome courses. Fifty-mile mini Baja in one setting for four (4) laps. You want to get ready for the granddaddy of them all, the 50th Baja 1000 in November, enter this event and you will have bit samples of every possible terrain in Baja, except the beaches. Hey, you can't have everything!



Pre-running started this past weekend and most said that the course was awesome, great, best course this year. We agree.


If you didn't pre-run this past weekend you still have the opportunity to do so this coming Friday, from Noon until 6 pm


At 6 pm until 9 pm, registration, check-in and tech will open at the start/finish. Come and sign-up or check in and sign all your documents so you will be ready for this weekend's race.


In the meantime, if you wish to sign up during the week so that all you have to do come Friday is to to sign a couple of documents and get banded, send your entry via e-mail to: info@averacing.com. You can also fax it to our toll-free number at 1-877-8423052. In the alternative you can snail-mail it to: P.O. Box 2141, California City, CA 93504 but you have to send it no later than Tuesday, Sep 19, if you hope to get it to us by Friday.


On Friday, after 9 p.m. we will post the STARTING ORDER just outside our RV.


We will open again on Saturday morning at 7 am for “late” registration (cost you $100.00 more) or “Late” tech (cost you $50 more), or if you just need to complete your paperwork.

There will be NO PRE-RUNNING on Saturday morning, race day.




It is rated 6.2, which means it is on the fast side. Yes, with every section of speed there are always “gotchas” you must be careful. You and your Navigator are responsible for annotating such danger spots (when pre-run), on your GPS.


You are required to complete four (4) laps during the 5-hour official time for the PURE 200. However, as always, once the checker flag comes out for the first car to complete all four laps, the checker will be given to all other cars following, even though you may have not completed all four laps.


This race course has a little bit of everything, this is why we like it so much. We are blessed to have such variety of terrain in our County that it is easy for us to say that we can offer everything that Baja has (except the beach), in little bits. You have everything from sand washes to rocky hills, smooth trails, whoops and lots of fun on this course. You will enjoy it.


Once again we must ask you to remember that if you have problems on the course, you must first:

·          Call it in to our relay 151.625 MHz

·          Provide your location based on your GPS

·          Stay with your vehicle

·          If you are broken down, be sure to return to the start/finish and return your Tracker to us

·          Failure to do so may cost you $225.00 for not returning the Tracker

·          When reporting your problem(s) it is always helpful to give us your approximate location in relation the course mileage and possibly your coordinates. That will expedite our response.

·          Remember to have your crew check in with us so that we can provide them with the easiest and fastest way to get to you.



            We will no longer provide you with the course files from our “SD” card, unless you are in front of the Tech inspection area or directly in front of timing and scoring. YOU CANNOT TAKE THE CHIP “SD” mini card back to your pits. No matter whom you are. We have lost a very important SD card at the last race that had over four years of course information, including a number of Baja races that I participated. It is very disappointing because we have been building up a number of race courses that one day we wish to publish in a special book for us.




1.     We open for Pre-race Registration, Tech and Check-in on Friday, September 22, from 6 pm until 9 pm

2.     Starting position will be posted after 9 pm

3.     Saturday morning we open “late” registration and Tech and check-in at 7 am until 9 am

4.     At 9 am we have the Mandatory Driver’s meeting.

5.     If requested we will decide to combine the Pro Purse for both the Pro Turbo and Pro 1000 Classes. Only racers in each of those two categories are allowed to vote. However, Class results will remain the same.

6.     At approximately 9:35.18 am you can pick up your “Tracker” near Timing/Scoring. There is a $25 charge.

7.     You need to start “staging” according to the “Starting Order” sheet posted, at 9:45 am. If you are not in your starting order by 9:55 am, you will be relegated to the rear of the line, but your starting time will be recorded in your records.

8.     THERE IS A 25 MPH maximum speed when you enter the PITS until you see the sign “RESUME SPEED” as you leave the Pit area. Violator will be penalized accordingly. There is a 1 minute penalty for every mile you are over the 25 MPH speed limit.

9.     Anyone involved with a “team” or racer/navigator can “protest” your speeds inside the PIT area. To do so, bring $50 with your protest. If it’s correct and we find that the vehicle being protested exceeded the speed limits, the $50 will be returned to the person who initiated such protest. In the event that protested vehicle did not violate the speed limits inside the PITS, the $50 will stay with AVE/BP Racing as compensation because it takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to check the infraction for each vehicle. This, of course, will be done post-race, most likely a day or so after the race is completed and BEFORE the results are made “Official.”


THERE IS ONLY ONE “FULL STOP” location. It is located right after you leave the pits and before your go across Proctor Blvd (where most of you come into and leave from the ranch). You will be heavily penalized if you do not make a full stop all four laps.


As always, have a great race, enjoy it and be safe.


Thank you for participating.


Lois and Lou Peralta








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