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14-PURE 175 RESULTS...

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Went through all the IRC Transponders and found quite a few penalties. That’s too bad.

However, the “tracking” does not lie.


Firstly, our course markings at RM 18.5, RM19.5 and at RM30.4 must have not been clear because quite a few racers took the “other” road. No gain in time, just the wrong road but we will NOT penalize anyone for those three sections.


Secondly, however, at RM0.5 there were a few racers that took the wrong course (making a left, instead of right and then left). Those who took the wrong turn, joined the course back at RM1.4, thus gaining time. The fact that several racers made the same mistake but returned to the course and then quite a few other racers stayed on the course and did not make the same mistake only leads us to believe that at some point, there was the “follow-the-leader” or “follow-the-dust” syndrome because several racers cut that section, 2, 3 or all four times. We levied a 1-minute penalty for each time the course was cut, therefore some racers received a 1,2,3 or 4-minutes penalty.


There was a good amount of “drifting” and we took all that into consideration. It has to do with atmospheric pressure, solar bursts, and whatever else can be blamed. But for the most part, the IRC Trackers worked well and they tell the whole story.

Several racers went off course and instead of returning where they left the course, they joined it ahead thus gaining several penalties. Some racers made a mistake but found their way back to where they left the course. That was great. You guys were awesome.

One racer must have driven at least four miles before he realized that there were no markings. Much to his credit, he traced his path back and joined the course where he was supposed to. Awesome.


We realize that no one here was trying to cheat, so let’s get that out of the equation. Those who missed certain spots can only be attributed to a racing mistake—brain-fade as it were.


We have the IRC Tracking units downloaded and saved in our computer. Anyone who wishes to view them please let us know and we’ll reply with an attachment.

We will NOT post these files on our website for the time being, as we have in the past. There are too many “looky-loos” who want to see where we went but who are not our friends. Only those who participated can get their “kml” files at this time.

Too bad that we have to go this direction but I think you will find out it is for the best.






So here are the penalties by race # and reasons:


Race #   Time penalty                    Reason                                                           Un-official E.T.                      Revised E.T.

1016      4 min.                                RM 0.5 Missed the course 4X                    3:54:28.2                             3:58:22.2

401        30 sec.                               RM 0.6 Off-course did not come

                                                          Back to spot where got off course 2X      3:58:59.6                             3:59:29.6

1013      3 min.                                RM 0.5 Off-course did not come

                                                          Back to spot where got off course 3X      4:08:30.5                             4:11:30.5

1049      3 min.                                RM 0.5 Off-curse did not come

                                                          Back to spot where got off course 3X      4:18:51.4                             4:21:51.4

1011      NO PENALTY                    RM0.5 missed the course but was able to return to the spot. God job!

1060      NO PENALTY                    RM0.5 missed the course but was able to return to the spot. God job!

1036      3 min.                                RM 0.5 off-course did not come

                                                          Back to spot where got off course 3X      4:28:34.3                             4:31:34.3

#s 1059, 1018, & 801, Good job. 801 took wrong course at RM 0.5 but returned to the spot he left the course!


550        3 min                                 RM 0.5 missed the course 3X                    4:56:49.1                             4:59:49.1

1019      2 laps                                 Only crossed the S/f once. One lap shown on tracker

804        3 min                                 @rm39.9 left the course but did not return to spot

                                                          Instead joined course 2 miles later          4:47:09.0                             4:50:09.0

1000      2 min                                 RM 0.5 turned left and missed the course

                                                          Well you know the drill 2X                         00:57:10.0                             0:59:10.0

1061      2 min                                 RM 0.5 took wrong turn 2X                       1:03:35.6                             1:05:35.6


Everyone else not listed here, you did a great job! Thank you.

The revised results are up now on our website. You have until Monday at 6 p.m. to challenge any of the results.

PLEASE: IF YOU ARE CHALLENGING THE RESULTS, YOU MUST DO IT IN WRITING VIA E-MAIL. That way we can discuss and answer your questions. Please be sure to include a  tel.# where we can reach you.


Thank you and see you in June for the PURE “200” A NIGHT TO REMEMBER!



AVE Racing


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