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As of Feb 4, 2014


Welcome to the PURE “125” – The first event of the five-event 2014 PURE “1000” SXS OFF-ROAD DESXERT SERIES.

The “125”: will consist of four-31.6-mile laps (approx.), which will make THE RACE a bit over 125 miles of open desert.

OPEN DESERT – It is important for everyone know that indeed our desert is “open” to the public and as such, we do not have the exclusive right to race and ride the desert. Therefore, it is imperative that you are aware that there may be others in the desert, enjoying the openness who are NOT involved in the race. YOU MUST USE CAUTION AT ALL TIMES while participating in the event.


The schedule is as follows:


  • SIGN-UPS – Entries are now open and you must be entered into the event or have paid a deposit no later than Thursday, February 20, by 6 p.m. – If you sign up after that timeline and you have not made arrangements with AVE you will be paying a “Late Fee” of $100.00 added to your entry.
  • ENTRIES – You can mail, fax or e-mail your entries now. If you are including a credit card number in your entry, we highly recommend that you either mail your entry in or fax it to us at the toll-free number listed below. We do not recommend you e-mail your entry with your credit card number and details affixed to it. It is too risky. The first two methods are much better and more secure.
  • FRIDAY, FEB 21 – PRE-RUNNING: From Noon until Midnight (12:00 P.M. TO 12 A.M.) you may be able to “pre run” the entire course. You must be signed up and/or paid the deposit for the event in order to “pre-run.”  You cannot pre-run unless you are signed to participate in the event!
  • LATE REGISTRATION – You may be able to enter the event on Friday, February 21 if you have made prior arrangement with Race Promoter and not pay the late fee. Otherwise you will be subject to a “Late Fee” penalty if you sign up on Friday or on race day, Saturday, Feb 22nd.
  • RACE MORNING REGISTRATION/CHECK-IN – We will open Registration and Check-in at 8 a.m. until 10 a.m. Saturday morning.
  • MANDATORY RACER’S MEETING – At the start/finish at 10 a.m. We will use this time to bring everyone up to date to course changes, changes in procedures or other matters not covered in these sheets.
  • STARTING ORDER – None for this race. In this event we are using the “Land Rush” style of starting.
    • All PRO Classes will line up in the first two or three rows, depending on the number of entries.
    • All SPORTSMAN Classes will line up behind the Pros.
    • All BONE STOCK Classes will line up behind all Production and Unlimited Sportsman Classes.
  • STAGING – You are required to stage at the start line starting at 10:45 a.m. for an 11:00 sharp start. Entry to the staging area is inaccessible until 10:45 a.m. However, you can be ready to move in immediately after 10:45 a.m.
  • DEAD ENGINE START – This means that once you’ve warmed up your car, you must shut down the engine within 1 minute of the start. You must hold the key to your engine on one hand so that the starter can see it. Once the GREEN Flag drops, you will be required to insert the key into your ignition and start your car and take off. If for some reason your car does not start, we will do everything we can to help but only after all vehicles have left the start line.
  • COURSE – Approx. 31.6 miles per lap of mostly sandy rails and some silt. The start and finish is always a bit rocky and slow. However, these are all short sections that should not cause you any problems. For the most part the course is right now rated at “6.2” (1 = Super Slow almost impassable // 10 = Super-Fast like a freeway).
  • COURSE MARKINGS – All course markings will be with white double ribbon, and course arrows will be solid black with white background. Anything else that you see on the course other than those colors are not ours. Unfortunately, we have some people that like to create problems, pranks and confusion. That’s why it is so important that you try to pre-run the day before to learn the route. We also have certain signs along the course as well as “down” arrows indicating (1 down arrow) slow down ahead; (2 down arrows) mayor turn or danger mark coming up; (3 down arrows) STOP! TRAFFIC CROSSING, DITCH OR DANGER SECTION!
  • COURSE GPS – We can also provide you with the Google Earth “klm” file that you can convert to your specific GPS unit if you have one in your racecar. Once you’ve signed up or have paid your deposit in plenty of time, we can provide you with such file, either via e-mail to you or using one of our chips to upload to your GPS.
  • COMPLETION OF THE EVENT – Once the first vehicle has completed all four laps, the race is over and all you need to do is to complete the lap you are on and you will be given the checkered flag. Even if you had problems earlier but now you are running fine, once the Checkered flag is displayed at the start/finish and scoring chute, everyone is done.
  • COMPUTER AND MANUAL SCORING - Scoring is being done by Computer.
  • EMERGENCIES - All emergency vehicles take precedence above all race vehicles on the course. If an official vehicle is on the course, whether with the course or against the course, you must come to a complete STOP while that vehicle passes you or is attending a racer. Failure to do so means “penalty” or “disqualification” from the event.
  • RACE COMMUNICATIONS - We highly recommend that you have the following communication systems on your car or yourself:
    • Race Radio tuned to 151.625 MHZ
    • Hand held radio tuned to 151.625 and 151.925 MHZ
    • Your cell telephone with 661.524.1550 and 661.524.1554 programmed to reach the race officials or start line.
    • Whatever system you are using, make sure your pit and pit crew also has a way to communicate with you.
    • There may be a “Relay” person working with us and PCI to keep communications open during the race. Their frequency is 151.625 MHz.
  • PROBLEMS ON THE COURSE – Before you get your crew mobilized to get to you; you must first clear it with the official starter or an official at the start/finish. Chances are that we may be able to show you and/or your crew a faster and perhaps easier access to your location. You must report all troubles to officials. This way we can also keep track of you.
  • IRC TRANSPONDERS – We will use the IRC Transponders during the race. You must rent these from IRC either directly from their office or when you arrive at the Registration/Check-in table. When you have completed the event, someone will try to get to you at the start/finish. In the event that the person has not gotten to you, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY THAT WE GET THE TRANSPONDERS BACK, even if you broke down early or your car failed.
  • RESULTS – We will try to provide you with unofficial results immediately following the event. However, this is not always possible. We are working on a system that your family and friends may be able to keep track of your race progress. This system may be ready for this first event, but not positive.
  • FINAL RESULTS & POINTS - Regardless, official results become final 10 days from the event. We will try to post unofficial results after the event.
  • AWARDS – Depending on what time we finish the event, we may be able to hold the Awards sometime around 7 p.m-8 p.m. Saturday night at the Start/Finish. Normally we like to personalize each award so immediate award presentation may not be possible.


There may be additional Information updates after this one. Please check our website often.


For more information contact us at:



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Toll Free Fax: 877.842.3052















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