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FUTVI Membership - 2018 - 2019 - For UTVs only!


   Pure 150 - #1 - Jan 26

   Pure 150 # 2 - Feb 16

   Pure 200 - # 3 - Mar 30

   Pure 250 - #4 & #1 - May 18

   Pure 150 - #5 & #2 - Twi - Jun 22

   Pure 150 - #6 &#3 - Night - Aug31

   Pure 300 - #7, Double Pts - Oct 26

2019 - PURE UTV SUPER-C/X Closed-Course Series...

#1 - Apr 27 - Start 10 a.m.


#1 - Jul 27 - Start 10 a.m.


#2 - Sep 28 - Start 10 a.m


#3 - Nov 9.- Start 10 a.m.



April 22 announcement: "We regret to inform you that our Super-C/X event for this upcoming weekend (April 27), has to be postponed. Entry and fees will be fully refunded today via our company checks.  After speaking with brokers this morning, It came down to insurance and our facility being treated more like a stadium than what it really is. Our infrastructure is not quite there to meet stadium standards. Therefore, coverage cannot be met in a timely fashion in order to have our event this coming weekend.   We hope to have all this corrected by our July 27 event, which will now be the First event of the three-race Series. We will add a third date later in the year.   We are truly sorry we had to do this, but at this point and time we had very little choice. I hope everyone understands. We also hope you will reconsider joining us at your next event.   Regretfully,   Lou Peralta  



We decided that we must look to the future. While there is no immediate need to change our off-road dezert racing series, there may be, I say, there may be a time where we will lose parts or all of our beautiful California City/Kern County  deserts to environmental zealots, growth and to State and Federal agencies that keep sending OHVers into very restrictive corners of the desert.


As a result, we have taken part of our property and converted it into a beautiful race course (track), using natural terrain to bring the outstanding features of desert racing into a 2.1 to 5-mile course that is not only fun and challenging, but will allow spectators, who would not otherwise venture into the far reaches of the desert, to see terrific action by terrific racers, young and old.


The RACING RANCH, located at 138th & Proctor will allow many to see wonderful competitors, participating in the sport they really love, without the problems of regulations and restrictions that are looming. That’s not to say that there are no racing rules and regulations because we use the FUTVI competition rules, but their dedication is to race.


As a result, we have established the Super-C/X Short-Course Series, a three-event series to see if people like the action. We think they will. The action will be non-stop, and we offer a number of classes and categories, including from the most experience professional racers to the beginners and intermediate racers--all acing at their own level of competition.


The important thing is that we will always have a place to compete in the sport that we love so much.


Moreover, unlike a manmade Supercross or Motocross track, that has been manicured, watered and basically cleaned up, we want to bring the desert and competition as it is, and in front of everyone, just so everyone can see the difficulties and challenges that off-roaders face. We bring in front of everyone to see, but in short spurts.


Therefore, our competition track(s) are called “European-style race courses,” which is where the sport really begun. Meaning that for the most part, the terrain will remain “as is,” including hard-packed dirt, rocky and silty sections, hills to climb and to climb down and the challenges inherent in off rod racing. All packaged in a very neat and exciting, spectator-friendly course.


We are proud to present the Super-C/X three-event series, starting with the first event, April 27, Saturday and again July 27 and September 28.

Make plans to come and race or spectate those three great events in 2019.



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