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California City, CA – Ave/Baja Promotions took the first step (some may call it a bold one, while others may say foolish) in announcing that the entire 2016 PURE UTV OFF-ROAD DESERT SERIES will be a totally GPS-based series, meaning that all courses will be marked by GPS only, with little or no actual visual course markings on the course. This is something that race promoter, Lou Peralta has been touting for years, trying to encourage the “big boys” to do likewise, but to no avail, until 2016, that is.


Peralta was contacted to explain further; “I believe that time has come for every promoter to start thinking that way, and certainly for us. Last year we were saddled with what I would call (to be gentile about it), “stinkers” who seemed to come out Friday nights and disturb our courses. These creeps could be anyone, but we have our own suspicions of locals who may drink a bit too much and then try to create mayhem. Environmental Zealots, I call them. We can’t go on and continue to put on great and safe events without trying to mitigate the situation.” Peralta concluded.


To be entirely correct, Peralta has been using GPS and giving the courses to the racers for years. AVE/Baja Promotions has reported that perhaps as many as 95% of the racers in the series already use the GPS file that AVE/Baja Promotions provides. Those who fit into AVE/Baja Promotions’ classes of “Bone Stock 1000” and “Bone Stock 900” – both Sportsman classes with mostly entry level racers, will have to learn to use GPS quickly.


According to Race Director, Alan Bell, “We will lay out the course weeks in advance and make sure to go through it several times, and then release the actual race course to those who have signed up, at least one weekend before the event. Thusly, we are prepared to give racers more than just a day to pre-run, which, in the past has been restricted to only on the Friday before the race. To be sure we have to improve our GPS plotting to make sure everyone can read the course. Moreover, we now know that the second most important person in the team will be the “Navigator” because it will be up to the “Navigator” to help the racers stay on course.”

Peralta also added, “I believe now that the task of the “Navigator” is as important as that of the “Driver” in the team, both Racers and Navigators will earn points towards class and overall points championships.”


Racers will now have a whole week to pre-run but only if they are signed up for the event. We’ve also learned that AVE/BP Racing will, nonetheless, have some course marking along the way to reassure racers that they are on the course. What type of markers, has not yet been announced, but according to Peralta, “They will be unmistakable and easy to find and unique to us.”


A new era, at least for AVE/Baja Promotions, begins in 2016, on how their courses will be laid out. Peralta was asked what effect he thinks this new move will have on his entries? He stated, “I will have either stepped on my ‘Johnson’ big-time or might have made the right decision, at least for our races here. I believe it will help tremendously our series because it will avoid the shenanigans we have been encountering here in the past six to eight months. We have to do something. I’ve also been suggesting this to other promoters to do likewise because I can see where they could solve a lot of their problems, especially when dealing with heavy spectator traffic. I know BITD and SNORE and MORE and others have one set of problems while SCORE has others. This GPS racing, I think will help.”


The 2016 AVE/Baja Promotions Series begins January 23, with the running of the PURE #1 – “150” in Cal City. Other dates are March 19, April 23, July 16 (a night race), September 10 and the PURE #6 “200” – October 22, all in California City, at the AVE Ranch, 138th & Proctor.

The best five (5) out of the six finishes will be computed for year-end championships in the Overall points and by Class p[oints championships. One requirement; a racer must compete in at least three (3) events to qualify for championship titles.


Two other UTV races are also on AVE/BP schedule but do not count for the Series points. Instead, they count for the ENSENADA CUP. These two events will run in Punta Banda, Baja California, Mexico, inside Ejido Coronel Esteban Cantu. The dates are; May 28 and October 1. Course marking and GPS will be used for that event, which runs in combination with the Motorcycle and ATV Gran Prix events also on the same date, but at different times


For more details please visit or contact


We are deeply sadden to report that a good friend of AVE Racing and especially of the Peralta family, William Higginbotham,  died this past Friday night in a helicopter crash while covering a Lucas Oil event. We don't have all the details yet.


However, we can say that "Will' was among the nicest people you ever want to meet and a true prosfessional as helicopter pilot. More importantly, he made an impact everywhere he went. I know our entire family and group of friends are deeply sadden.

Needless to say, we will all miss Will terribly.


Lou Peralta



We have the "final" "final" course for the DWT PURE "350" Presented by Go to the PURE 350 pager ad download the file and the map.

Racing our events is more fun than a barrel of monkeys sipping on a Red Bull cocktail! (I’ve been wanting to use that line for a long time. Hahaha!


This next event is going to be great and remember Bone Stock Classes only go six (6) laps while all others go the full nine (9).

Those of you who are just getting into the sport and just bought a new SXS/UTV, just add safety equipment and do nothing to the car. Join us in the Bone Stock Class and experience the best series for SXS/UTVs in the country.


Moreover, be sure to make the Aug 3, Saturday 9 a.m. Qualifying for starting positions. It'll be on a 2-mile track in front of everyone so you can see from beginning to end. Bring cameras and videos. You'll love it.

And we do have a "Special Award" for the TOP QUALIFIER."


Speaking of Awards, take a look at what we have in store for you courtesy of our sponsor, LAWRENCE EQUIPMENT. Simply magnificent!


Look through our website for more details and remember to sign up by Thursday, August 1 at 6 p.m. to avoid paying a "late fee." Every bit you save you can buy more event T-shirts. They are terrific and "must-haves"!



UPDATE - July 19



Racers, Friends and Enthusiasts- Update July 19 – 4:30 p.m.:

The DWT PURE “350” Presented by SXSPerformance.comis fast approaching and you may wish to take advantage of several options if you sign up in time. For example:

  • If you sign up and pay the deposit of $50 or pay your entry in full by JULY 22, 2013you will receive a 30% Discount on the PURE “350” event T-shirt (Regular $20), or $14 ea. You can fax your entry to: 877.842.3052 or e-mail to:
  • If you sign up no later than Thursday, August 1 by 6 will pay the regular entry fees: Pros $350 & Sportsman $150
  • Qualifying starting order: We will start you according to when we received you entry. Qualifying starts Saturday, Aug 3. 9 a.m. The qualifying lap is approximately 2 miles in front of the start/finish. – Based on how you qualify is how you will be “staged” later on for the 4 p.m. start of the PURE “350”.
  • Top Qualifier Award(s) will be presented at the Mandatory Racer’s Meeting at 3 p.m. one hour before the start of the event.
  • Please remember: Any entries or deposits received AFTER August 1, at 6 p.m.will be charged an additional $100 as a “Late Fee.”
  • Your IRC tracking unit will be installed in your vehicle by IRC personnel. The IRC fee is $35. Immediately following the race, the IRC unit will be collected from you at the S/F to verify your laps and times. Failure to turn-in the IRC unit may penalize and/or disqualify you from the event.
  • Awards will be held at the AMERICAN LEGION Hall in Cal City at 10:30 a.m. where breakfast and drinks will be available. Directions to the American Legion will be provided when you “check-in” at the start/finish.
  • Be sure to go to: or contact us at if you need additional information.


Attached are entry, course, t-shirt art. Good luck and we look forward to seeing you soon.







California City, CA - June 18, 2013 - We are delighted to announce that DWT Racing and DWT Tires has inked to be the "Title Sponsor" for the remaining three events of the PURE Side-X-Side Off-Road Series, Presented by

Henceforth the series will be named: THE DWT PURE SIDE-X-SIDE OFF-ROAD DESERT SERIES.

AVE is delighted to add yet another major name and company in the SXS Industry, to this newest series. Tyhe PURE Side-X-Side is destined to become the major prving ground for all SXS racers especially for off-road competition. In only it's first year and upcoming second event of the series AVE had proved that there is a place for all UTVs/SXSides to compete within their own level and classes in this unique series.

Already schedule for this weekend's (June 21-23) pure "300" are racers from Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and of course California. In short time, this will be the "remier" Side-X-Side Series in the country. Stay tyuned to this site for additional details.



(Here's their link:



California City, CA - June 17 - RAZER FORUMS.NET is the latest entity to join our growin number of sponsors and co-sponsors of the PURE SXS OFF-ROAD DESERT SERIES, Presented by .

Their extremely popular forums will help promote our Series and provde information to enthusiasts and racers alike.

"We are delighted to have RAZER FORUMS.NET involved in our newly-formed but growing Series here in California City," said Lou Peralta. promoter of the series.

"The key element is to get the word out about our events and how great they are not ony for the PRO racer who wants to continue to hone his/her talents, but our series and the classes we offer will also provide a great grass-root environment for newer racers to experience the thrills of off-road racing in the great desert of California City, CA. For more details visit our website:










California City, CA – June 7, 2013 – Lou Peralta, promoter of the PURE SXS SERIES, Presented by Side-X-Side, announced today that IRC will be the official tracking system for all the remaining races in the series. Each vehicle will have to have a tracking unit that will be satellite-driven to indicate the position and location of each race vehicle and beam it back to timing and scoring. It will also be available through the internet.

IRC and AVE go back a long way and Steve Meyers, president of IRC, has made a “special” deal for the AVE racers for this first event with a rental fee for the unit of only $35.00 per entry, per event. This fee may go up in subsequent events but will probably stay under $50 for the AVE PURE races.

Peralta noted, “This is truly great and we appreciate Steve and IRC for helping our series and our racers ease into this new-age-style of racing. We are delighted because, as in the past, many environmentalists have tried to pin some negative stuff against our racers, only to prove to them that we stay within the marked course. This is a great tool for us and we appreciate Steve giving our racers such a deal.”

The PURE “300” Presented by Side-X-Side will start 4 p.m. on Saturday, June 22, with each vehicle leaving in 30-second intervals. Most will experience at least two or three laps in the daylight and the rest deep into the night, so bring lights. The laps consists of 44 miles and they have every type of desert challenges but in short spurts. There will be a mid-way point also for pitting and viewing.

For more details go to: or e-mail to Pros and Sportsmen entries are available and you can either mail, fax or e-mail tyour entry. Race day signup go up by $100.00.