BAJA U.S.A. - The 51st State



In short, BAJA U.S.A. is as timely as today’s headlines and provides a template for a greater America.

This is the amazing and compelling story of how Baja California, through actual, yet unrelated events at first, contributes to its eventual secession from Mexico, thus becoming a new nation and eventually “The 51st State” of the United States. A storyline so believable, you’d think you’ve read it from today’s headlines.
Many of the incidents in this book are real, albeit tweaked a bit to carry the story line. Moreover, the author’s experiences in Baja California are unique as he has lived through many of the events depicted that make up this narrative. The majority of the characters are also real, even though most of the names have been changed, some are still alive. Occurrences that formulate the book are also authentic but timelines were changed for this story; from the massive floods that occurred in the seventies in California, Nevada, Arizona, and in Baja, to recent ecological challenges and today’s immigration problems, massive cartel issues, secession meetings, off-road events, and the possibilities of the most recent terrorists’ attempts. The compendium of all these are brought to life in this book.
Lastly, part of the book also deals with the author’s own ideas as to how Baja California should be governed, and how the political climate in the United States should change; suggesting certain solutions that will take into consideration, term limits, environmental dilemmas, immigration solutions, economic growth and even the unusual occurrences that elected an unlikely individual to become the President United States.


Lucho's Incredible Baja Journal - A Riot on every page!










This hilariously funny, exciting, mysterious, topical and far-out journal is a compendium of one man's experiences for the last thirty-five years visiting, racing and promoting events in Baja California. Yet these are only five percent of the wild tales he tells. So sit back and enjoy these great stories, tales and accounts from a wild man known as Lucho. Remember, these gems are based on actual occurrences, experiences, and although certain poetic liberties are used in some stories, they are all based in absolute, unequivocal, irrefutable, and indisputable facts...well mostly.

DAZED & CONFUSED IN BAJA - DOS - "Bring Me Lucho's Head!"

DAZED & CONFUSED - DOS is the second book of very funny, exciting and sometime increadible tales (some might say "tall-tales") of LUCHO, who has been traveling into Baja California since 1969. His love for all that is Baja is uncompromising. As a tourist he has met people, lived in Ensenada, San Felipe and in Tecate and has witnessed so many good things that he had to sit down and put them all of these stories in a book. But as promoter of outdoor sports and activities, races, events, he has managed to carve himself a "niche" as a well-respected Latino-American who truly loves and respects the people of Baja California. He has shown his love for the country by bringing in thousands of  people not only to compete in his events but to get them to know and experience all that is Baja.


Enjoy this second edition and get ready for "DAZED & CONFUSED - TRES"