What is "DEZ SUPER-X" (Desert Super-Cross)? -


Simply: It is taking your CLOSED-COURSE and/or DESERT CAR car, tweaking tires, suspension, ride height, etc., and racing it in a specially-designed 2.5-+-mile course, comprised of wide turns, tight switchbacks, natural and big jumps, hill climbs, and downhills, but all in short spurts, in front of crowds and enthusiasts. 


We will offer classes for desert cars and closed-course cars. 


Truly we can offer the thrills of Baja in a compact area for great viewing.


We also believe that there is no reason to go out and spend a lot of money because of our Series. Instead, there will be a class just for you, whether you are Pro or Sportsman and have been racing for years, or whether you want to "test the waters" to see if UTV racing is for you.


We are the most inexpensive series in the Country that will allow you and encourage you to get the most experience in UTV racing. Bar-none!


In "DEZ SUPER-X" you will be racing in mostly natural terrain (much like the old European Moto-Cross tracks), not necessarily manicured or totally watered-down. However, there will be sections of man-made jumps and obstacles, such as whoops, sand-pits, mud-bogs or nasty rock-strewn garden, that will test your driving skills and the off-road-worthiness of your vehicle.


having said all that: This series will be a fun, three-race Series spread over six months that we are sure, will entertain you and your crew but just as importantly, the spectators that will be attending.

We truly believe the UTVs can stand on its own. Hence "PURE UTV" racing. No need to augment other series unless there is a need for it, such as motorcycles and ATVs, racing in their own.