Results for the PURE "200" RACE #4 & TRIPLE #1 - MAY 19, 2018 - UN-OFFICIAL - THEY BECOME OFFICIAL MAY 29, 2018

The results are currently un-official except for the top three Overall as we have already checked their lap times and individual Transponders. The standings are correct.


However, we still need to go over the rest of the racers and we will do so in the coming days. There will be changes in the standings as we have already seen people missing the course, not returning where they left it off, missing an entire portion and even going back on the racecourse, and that was just the first 12 racers.

The official results will be posted shortly.


ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: Please check the way we have spelled your name(s) your sponsors and any other pertinent information that you want in the "final" results. Trying to decipher the handwriting of some has become challenging to say the least. Please check everything out so we can make the changes. We will not be able to do it after the results become official.


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- MAY 19, 2018



      Another great event in the Series and thank God everyone had a good time and there were no incidents, accidents or injuries.

               For the most part the event went well. However, there were a few penalties along the way. Happy to report that any laps that were taken away from a racer were not taken away because someone tried to cheat or cut the course, but it was simply because they were lost and could not find their way on the course. That happens even to veterans of the sport.

               Others missed the course and did what they were supposed to do: return to the spot where they exited the course. On the other hand, some missed the course and rather than return to the point of exit, they just joined the course further down. That gets you a penalty. One racer told us that his clutch went out on the last lap and he could not make the last hill, so he went around. He just wanted to let us know that they were not trying to cheat. We appreciate that. Regardless, we did penalize him

Important to note: We are definitely doing something for the next race to prevent racers from "rounding the corners." I heard after the race several racers complain about seeing others "round" the turns, while they stayed on the course. True. Unfortunately, the same people who were complaining also rounded the corners elsewhere. It was in their "tracker".

Therefore, it appears that we have a losing battle.

               Most likely at the very next event, we will place corner "chutes" with a Viral Checkpoint (VC). You must go through the VC chutes or you will definitely receive a penalty.

               Congratulations to Chris Blais and Jeremy Gray for a great piece of driving. His "methodical" approach, as he explained at the finish; "I waited to the last lap to "pounce." It worked as he was able to assume the Overall lead and first place in the Pro Turbo Class. Of course, it helped that the leader at the time had a flat. However, not everything was lost for the team of Josh Wakeland and Merritt Townsend as they finished 2nd Overall but posted the fastest lap of the day, a: 44:31 min, 14 seconds faster than Blais. By doing so they earned a cool $500.00 from Racing Addix and a brand new set of tires from Terache Tires.


$500.00 -    / SET OF TIRES 


Next event in the Series and in the Triple Crown is the JUNE 23, 2018 TWILITE "150" - Most like there will be two or three laps in the Twilite and one or two in the night. Get ready for an awesome course with terrific racers. See you then. The updated Points will be posted in a few days