RESULTS - PUR #1 "150" - Unofficial until ten days after the event.

The results below are un-official until January 24 or before. We are checking all trackers for each vehicle. So far, we've checked the top three Overall finishers and they look fine. One slight 30-second penalty for car #2018 but it did not affect its Overall or Class finishing position.


We realize that we have what they call a "drifting" problem when reading the trackers. Often it appears that the vehicle could be as much as 15 to 20 feet off course. However, knowing the courses as well as we do, we can see if a racer is trying to cut the course or the tracker is just "drifting" to one side or the other from the marked course. We analyze such things and we react accordingly. We've also noticed that on the tight sections, twisting areas and deep sandwashes there is very little "drifting." Not so, however, when it comes to the high-speed sections, that's when the "drifting" becomes more obvious.

Regardless, we check everything.


But we do want to make a quick observation and warning that is when making tight right or left turns, there is too much "rounding" of corners and that's not good. For the next event, we may just put yellow tape on major corners and everyone must follow the exact course or they will be penalized.


Nonetheless, it was a great event and congratulations to the Overall and Top Pro Turbo team of Mitchell Alsup (Driver) and Drew Stanton (Navigator). Awesome job!

Below are the unofficial Overall and Class results:



Microsoft Word document [98.0 KB]