ThIS previous year of our “PURE” Series was a success and a wonderful experience for us. Moreover, we are delighted to report that while the entries were a bit lower than expected, racers and sponsors loved our unique events and terrific courses here in Cal City. That’s a good sign. We believe that in 2017 the PURE UTV OFF-ROAD DESERT SERIES will be the Series to participate if you own a UTV.


We received great reviews and approval from racers and sponsors alike. In 2013 we began to set new standards for the sport of UTV endurance/OFF-ROAD racing. With the sanctioning of FUTVI, our sanctioning body, and the participation of our racers, sponsors and contingency sponsors, we’ve been able to fine-tune our program. Now, we continue to implement those new and fresh ideas into the 2017 PURE UTV Series.


For example, after conversations with a number of people (racers and sponsors), we have adjusted our distances for the 2017 racing season. The results are the following events:

Jan 14, PURE “100” – Mar 18, PURE “150” – Apr 29, PURE “200” – Jun 24, PURE “100” (Twilight start at 6 p.m.) Jul 29, PURE “100” - (Night race starts 8 p.m.) Sep 30, PURE "200" - and Oct 28, PURE "250" a “Double Points” race.  The aggregate, therefore is 1100 miles.


The lowering of the lap distances, we believe, will bring many more people to the sport. That was a suggestion made by a number racers and friends as well as several sponsors, who feel our series is an excellent vehicle to bring people into the sport, while keeping costs in check, yet gaining vast experience in off-road. We agree.


For those reasons, we would like you to consider once again or perhaps for the first time, being part of our 2017 series as “Sponsor” in a number of options—one that best fits your product and needs:


  • Title sponsor,
  • Presenting Sponsor,
  • Associate Sponsor,
  • Product Sponsor,
  • Contingency Sponsor
  • Or using other options designed to expose your product(s) to a maximum audience.


Following below is a ".doc" file that will provide you with details of various sponsorships available. We are prepared to work with you in a manner that would first benefit your company and of course our racers/series.


The ads are in the works, the artwork almost done; all we need is your “logo” and sponsorship position. We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest.




Lou Peralta

661.524.1550 c

Toll Free 877.842.3052

lou@averacing.com --www.averacing.com

Microsoft Word document [9.3 MB]