REGARDING THE PURE "200" - There is no need to do anything special to your vehicle. The adjustment must be made in your "mind set" which will require a lot of concentration, skill and patience.


IT IS NOT A FAST COURSE. In fact we have rated it at 4.2 (10 = a freeway)


Whereas at our last event speeds were clocked for some at well over 95 mph, I doubt that there is any section on our course that you might be able to this on the 33-mile, neat loop, we have designed.


You will be required to complete four (4) laps to be an official finisher.

This time we are going to allow everyone to complete four laps, even though the leader has already finished the required laps.

We are going to try this to see how it works. So here it is:


IMPORTANT. At the CHECKERED flag when the leader has completed its four laps, we will ALREADY HAVE COMPUTED A CLOSING TIME based on the leader’s lap-times. Meaning that we will average the leader’s four-lap time and add  20% for delays. Therefore, when you come to the finish line with only 3 laps or less and we feel you can still finish your final lap and improve your standing we will allow you to go back out.

However, if we figure you cannot complete the final lap in time and/or you CANNOT IMPROVE YOUR CURRENT STANDING, you will be given the Checkered flag and considered done. We will explain this at the Mandatory Driver's Meeting.


Speaking of Mandatory Driver's Meeting: Every racer whose name is first on the entry form must attend the driver's meeting, usually taking place an hour before the start of the race.

To ensure that everyone is there, we will be taking roll call. If you are not there you will be starting the race with a 5-minute penalty. NOT COOL.


We have to resort to this because many of you don't make the meetings and then complain that you didn't know about a specific matter.


ENTRIES OPEN; April 29 at Midnight…




1.     PRO TURBO

2.     PRO 1000

3.     PRO 900


5.     SPTS 1000

6.     SPTS 900

7.     BONE STOCK 1000

8.     BONE STOCK 900


We anticipate the race to start at 10:00 a.m. sharp.

Pre-running is open to those who have signed up by the weekend of:


            April 21-23

            April 28 ONLY

            No pre-running on RACEDAY!!!


RACE NUMBERS: Some of you are starting to forget and only have two race numbers assigned to you according to Class. You must have four (4) on your vehicle!!!:

Two on each side of the car, One in the Front and One in the Rear. Black numbers with white background for all.


25 MPH ZONE – From the moment you enter the scoring trail and chute until you go through all the pits and see the sign that says “RESUME RACE SPEED” you must maintain the 25 mph limit or less. We have been lenient but it is getting a bit out of hand. CAN’T HAVE THAT.


We are delighted that Can-AM, SAFECRAFT and KC Hilites have joined our series as Comntingency Sponsors.


We apprecaite our other sponsors as well: RUGGED RADIO Official Race Radio for the Series, READY-2-PRINT official decal and banner maker of the Series, SAFECRAFT official Fire Supression Systems, SUNOCO, PCI, Lazerstar, MOJAVE R/C, BAJA DESIGNS, and SUPER CHARGER FIOLMS, ALONG WITH MADMEDIA AND UTV UNDERGROUND.


More later on…