2016 AWARDS BANQUET...Champions Will Be Crowned!!!


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Dear Racers and Friends:


You are invited!


We are delighted to inform you that we have set the date of January 14, 2017 at 7 p.m. as the date for our 2016 Year-end Awards Dinner Banquet.

The location is at our Central Park, at the Mable Davis Senior Center, California City, CA.

Special Italian-themed food is catered by Culinary Consortium, one of the top caterers in Southern California.

We have negotiated a great price of $20.00 per person, for a complete dinner. Any special requests for dinner, if it is possible, please add $10.00 each.


We looked at other dates for the banquet but we realized that December is a tough month because of the Holidays and numerous events. I believe many of you who have participated in 2016 and qualified to receive our awards (as shown in the program), will most likely be at our first race. Therefore, we believe this is the best way to maximize your travel plans.


In the future we will probably have a more formal affair, but for this time, the dress will be “casual” or “semi-formal” (No t-shirts or driver’s suits please. Hahaha!)


Even if you are not receiving an award for the 2016 Season, we encourage you to attend the banquet and give your fellow competitors their due recognition. Remember, for the first time we will be awarding not only Driver’s but Navigator’s awards as well.


Below are a ticket form and a copy of the Awards Program where those who will be receiving awards are listed. Please check it out.


There is limited space at the Center (maximum 64 seats) so we ask that you reserve your banquet tickets NOW but no later than January 5th. Tables of 8 are also available. We will assign seating according to post-mark and/or e-mail date/time.


However, to make sure we can accommodate everyone and to expedite matters please RSVP to  info@averacing.com starting now so that we can reserve your seating.



Here is the application form:






TICKET REQUEST FORM          (Please print clearly)


Name __________________________________________ Telephone _____________________


Address ___________________________________ City _________________________, St ____


Zip ________________ - E-mail: ___________________________________________________


Number of tickets  ______ X $20.00 = $ _______________


Manner of payment:  Check # ________ or Credit Card  - Visa____  MC _____ Other _____


Card # __ __ __ __  __ __ __ __  __ __ __ __  __ __ __ __   Exp date ________ Code ______


Zip of card ______________ Signed __________________________ Date __________


For additional information or other, please contact AVE/BP Racing at 661.524.1550 or at


info@averacing.com -   Or mail to: P.O. Box 2141, California City, CA 93504 –


We will send your ticket(s) once payment is processed. AVE/BP Racing