Information about the Pure 250 - Race #7 - Final - Champions will be crowned.

We have a unique situation for the last event of our regular season and series.

We have laid out a course consisting of 42.2 miles. The beauty about it is that you are only five miles away from the pits! Therefore, it is easily accessible.


We are scheduling six (6) laps to be a finisher. Once the checkered flag is displayed for the first vehicle to have completed all six laps, everyone else will; also get the checkered flag, no matter how many laps you may have completed; it is the way it is.



We call it the "Spaghetti Course" because it weaves in and out of many of the roads we have used before. It is a bit more technical and DRIVER and NAVIGATOR WILL NOT ONLY BE TAXED TO STAY ON THE COURSE BUT TO ALSO GO AS FAST AS POSSIBLE UNDER THE SLOWER THAN USUAL COURSE CONDITIONS.


If we keep the course we are working on, it will probably be rated as a 4.2 course (10 = A freeway). So be prepared to do some work.

Speeds will not be as much of a factor as accuracy and steadiness. The Navigator will be as important as the Driver for this race, and as it should be. After all, both will be earning final points. And for this race...



Yes, this is the event where some of the people currently in third or fourth place could easily earn sufficient points at this FINAL race to jolt to the top of the heap in the Overall and Class Standings.


The race will start, Saturday, October 28, 2017 at 10 a.m.




Friday, October 27:

6 pm to 9 pm - Registration, Check-in & Tech


Saturday, October 28:

7 am to 9 am – Late Registration & Tech. Late Fees may apply

9 am – Awards for the PURE 200 in September

9:10 am – Drivers and Navigators mandatory meeting

9:30 am – Pick up “trackers” from one of our officials - $25.00 per vehicle rental.

9:45 am – Staging for all entrants. Begin lining up one behind the other.

9:50 am – Your starting time will be assigned according to the order you have staged

    (Yes, you can bring your car to the “staging” chute any time after 8:30 am)

10:00 am – First vehicle off the line, followed by others on 30-second intervals.


Radio Relay frequency: 151.625 MHz

            A note about this channel: This frequency is for race action only, to report incident, vehicle information, official communications, etc. IT IS NOT FOR THE RACERS TO COMMUNICATE WITH HIS/HER PIT. For those purposes, please use a different frequency so that you do not load up the “race” channel.



We encourage all teams to have at least one “chase” vehicle dedicated to your vehicle in case of problems. However, we do not wish to load up the course with all kinds of “chase” vehicles. We do want to help you if your car is broken down on the course. Please make sure that your “Chase” person first checks with us before going out to get you. We know we will have the easiest and shortest way to get to your car. Be sure to check-in with us first.


Time limit for this event is six (6) hours.