INFORMATION: All you need to know...GO FAST! 

Actually we will be giving you more info shortly. In the meantime prepare for a great time and your bike, ATV and or UTV ready for some incredible trails. We have moved the event to theb Spring 2017. We will retian the same 10-mile course. It's awesome.

UTVs and ATVs will by-pass certain hills, but not many.

Stay tuned...


OK, you asked for it, you've got it. We've manged to clear MOST of the calendar so that there is no conflict with D37, WORCS, SCORE and others desert MC.ATV and UTV events and try to stay away from the Christmas weeks.

So here it is: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9 starting at 8 a.m. is the start of the 2017 CAL-CITY GRAN PRIX. We've made it a one-day deal, so you don't have to wait all weekend for your event. We are giving those who have entered and have their race numbers, Friday to practice the course. It's a good one, a bit on the "tough" side, but what do you want, a race on the freeway? We feature three classes PRO, EXP & AM. If you've just gotten your bike and never raced before, YOU MAY WANT TO STAY HOME!

The course has a number of hills, tough washes, tight single-track and a sick 1/2-mile section that you are going to love and talk about for years. You are going to have a blast.

We've also made it a one-day deal so some of you who have already signed up, and don't have time for such malarkey, can come on Saturday, ride your GP and go home before supper.
However, those of you who wish to make it a weekend out of it and have a lot of fun, can come on Friday, pre-run the course if you're signed up and are fully paid, relax Friday night, check out our great city, race on Saturday and then stay with us through Sunday. AND ALL IT COSTS YOU IS $10 FOR PARKING YOUR VEHICLE FOR THE ENTIRE WEEKEND!!
How's that for a deal. From our place you can also ride all the way to Death Valley if you wish. But that's another deal we are working on.

Visit: for more details.

Send your entry in when it opens to be assured of a good starting spot by rows. First row are all EXPERTS, followed by AMATEURS according to Class. We will have signs posted so you don't get confused like I used to.

This is going to be "One Tough Mudda" but you'll be talking about it for years.

AVE/BP RACING - P.O. BOX 2141, California City, CA 93504 - 661.524.1550 -