OFFICIAL RESULTS as of May 4, 2016

With a few exceptions, the race was flawless and the majority did quite well. Hard luck awards have to go to some of the pre-race Pros who did not fare well at all. We have reviewed the tracking and have adjusted some of the results and placed warnings on others but for the most part, everyone stayed on the GPS-marked course and did quite well. Except, of course, some of you who had to bail out of the course and try to find your way back to the main pits. You also did a good job staying off race traffic. Thank you.


Today we are also sending the Pro winnng and the Contingency Declaration sheets to thos companies that posted contingency. Certain racers failed to mark off the company and as a result did not qualify for any Contingency.


Also important, was the fact that if you wanted to be in the running for the FIERCE OFF-ROAD Contingency, you had to display two FIERCE OFF-ROAD decals, one on each side of the vehicle. Some of you did not. and will not be receiveing your contingency from them.


Below are the final OVERALL and CLASS results.



Adobe Acrobat document [91.0 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [88.6 KB]