We said that some heads were going to roll because we didn't have the photos from the PURE "125" yet on our website, but upon further investigation, I found out that they were "up" but not visible. In fact, they were on our webserver's "never-never-land" - "Limbo" in space but not in our space. I thinbk we've got it fixed. Enjoy...


PLEASE NOTE: These photos have been rezised for expediency in scrolling all photos. WE have much higher resolution photos (of the same) shoud you need to order some.

Rate: 1 digital full resolution copy = $5.00

Rate: 2 digital full resolution copy = $8.00

Rate: 3 digital full resolution copy = $10.00

More? - Call AVE


"8 X 10" Glossy = $15.00

Larger sizes call for price.