Un-official Results - PURE "225" - Official Aug 20.

Racers and Friends:


Attached are the “Unofficial” results for the PURE “225.” They become official August 20, 2014.

If you have any gripes, you think we missed a lap (impossible-but it could happen) or your wife or girlfriend told you that “Yon won, Honey!” just to make you feel good, let us know we’ll be glad to go over the results—no problem! Just write what you think  is wrong on the back of a C-Note (Hahaha).

Seriously, it took us a while to check our manual input for the results but we could have missed something.


The (*) that you see next to some of the times means that there was a penalty assessed. Explanation of such penalties are below each class. There could also be additional penalties once we check the “Trackers” for each racer.

Included with those penalties are also penalties (if any) levyed after checking each "tracker" per vehicle.

You will also see a "T" to indicate a trophy and in the PRO Classes you will see the amount that you have earned if you placed in the money. Be sure to provide us with a W9 form from the IRS before we can send you your check.


Thank you all for participating in the fourth event of the five-event PURE SXS/UTV Off-Road Desert Series.

Remember the next one, the PURE “275” – October 17-19 is a day-time race and “double points” will be paid. This is an excellent opportunity to make up points on your buddy.


We will recap this Saturday’s event shortly and have a few comments and observations to make, in order to improve our racing program.

Suggestions are also welcome.

Lou and Lois Peralta

AVE Racing


Microsoft Word document [39.5 KB]