The PURE "300" UTVs Only - Longest Race in the United States!

THIS IS THE FINAL EVENT of the PURE UTV Off-Road Dezert racing season. The 7th event after a grueling sixth event series, that will put the capper on another great season!


This next event is indeed the LONGEST UTV OFF-RIAD RACE IN THE UNITED STATES. Three hundred miles of everything a desert can throw at you, except for a "beach run" but we may have a surprise for everyone!

The "300" will also pay "double points" which means that Class and Overall Championships will be decided at this last event of the season--at least for most classes.


Everyone is invited to watch this race but if you are thinking of really getting into racing, this race will give you just about every kind of terrain that you will encounter during the series.

The course is 75-mile is long and it will take four laps to complete the "300" miles. What better way to culminate a great season for those who have been chasing the points all year long, than you do really well. And what better way to get a great introduction to our sport by getrting you ready for a phenomenal 2019 season!


Speaking of which 2019 is going to be terrific, with the seven-event 2019 PURE UTV Off-Road Dezert Series and this year, we are adding the three-event Super-C Closed Course Desert Series.

There is room for everyone when you race with AVE./BP Racing.


Lastly, and pay attention to this. We have the lowest entry fees and the highest Pro Purse payback than any other organization, and you don't have to go into debt to race with us.

Forget those $1,000, $2,000, and $3,000 entry fees. For less than $400 you can race for fun and for less than $600 you can race as a Pro and make some money.


Enough said. Check us out and visit us often. There is always something going on at:






Great open desert welcomes great riders.

California City

Today, there are only a few locations where off-roaders and dirt-riders are welcome with open arms. California City is such place, where thousands of enthusiasts can visit and enjoy the wonderful 203 square milers of open desert and trails. To be sure, everyone must be aware of negative impacts that can be left in the deserts. However, the city encourages people to enjoy the open, clean, fresh air and incredible nights that is California City. Just tread lightly and care for the environment around you.

Be sure to pick up your Cal-City OHV License for the season. They are only $15per vehicle and $60 for the entire family including your motorhome/trailer/camper and four OHV vehicles and includes free "dump" and water for your tank!!! Support those who support you!

Stop by our Police Department or if you are near Borax Bill Park, pick up your current OHV licese, and encourage others with you to get theirs and the fact that the "fee" helps keep our deserts open and the police, fire and D.I.R.T. group of great people, be there whern an OHVer needs help! Thanks.